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Butterflyway Project for Saint Andrews – Gardeners and Volunteers Needed!

Posted: March 29, 2022

The David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) created the Butterflyway Project to build local Butterflyways, which are defined as a network of at least one dozen native wildflower-filled gardens and plantings in the neighbourhood or community in Canada. The Butterflyway initiative in Saint Andrews is being promoted by Peggy Hogarth and Caroline Walker. We encourage individuals and groups to create butterflyways in our community. Our goal is to have 12 pollinator-friendly gardens in Saint Andrews by the fall of 2022. 

A few points:

  1. The Butterflyway project is not just for Monarch butterflies; plantings are to encourage growth of many different butterflies and moths native to our area. Native Plants = Native Butterflies.
  2. Clusters of locally sourced native plants are more effective pollinators than single plantings.
  3. Honey bees are not native bees, thus native plants are primarily for native bees. Native Plants = Native Bees.

Many gardeners, nature lovers, and observers may know that butterflies, native bees, and other insects are in decline. In North America, loss of habitat, fragmentation of habitat including conversion of wetlands and fields to agriculture, urban growth and sprawl, as well as clearcutting of forests and replanting of single-species stands.

On the plus side, urban gardens are crucial for conserving butterflies and bees, and 80% of Canadians live in urban areas.

The DSF began training volunteer “Butterflyway Rangers” in five cities in 2017. In Canada now, more than 75 neighbourhoods have established butterflyways. Let’s add Saint Andrews to the list!

We encourage you and your neighbours together to create a butterfly way. Shirley Brinkhurst is the contact person at Anchors Landing and is interested ins starting a garden with you. To be counted as one of Saint Andrews 12 butterfly ways, register your garden with Caroline Walker at or Peggy Hogarth at Good Luck!

2022 Garden Suppliers Guide (2) – Saint Andrews Gardening Club

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