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Oh deer! What is the Town doing?

You don’t need to travel very far in Saint Andrews before you encounter deer. Council hears the concerns of residents and believes that the current situation is untenable. Our residents are entitled to safe enjoyment of their properties, which is currently not possible due to concerns related to property damage, ticks and other pests / diseases, children not having free access to play in their own yards, incidents of charging animals, and vehicle incursions. Visitors who are unaware of the safety issues could also be at risk while driving and walking in Town.

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A New Wellness Centre – Who, What, Where, When, Why?

Town Council determined early in its mandate that a new Medical Centre was a priority for them. The existing Medical Centre is made up of two sections – one section being a former carriage house (over 100 years old., Maxwell design), and the front section which was constructed in 1972. The building has seen little in the way of upgrades or maintenance over the years and now requires extensive renovations. It’s layout is also not conducive to the style of collaborative medical care that physicians now require.

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