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Know where to find ticks. Ticks do not fly or jump. Instead, they hang out on shrubs, bushes and tall grass waiting for hosts to brush against the vegetation, so the tick can hitch a ride. 

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How To Flush Your Hot Water Tank

Residents sometimes will see some discolouration in their water due to the fact that the hot water tank needs to be flushed. This may not solve each concern but it is a place to start. NB Power has produced a “how to” for your information.

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Rabies – What to do?

If you see or encounter any animal that you know or suspect has rabies the first step is to call Public Health at 811 to make a report. The process for dealing with infected animals begins with Public Health who in turn works through a process with the Department of Natural Resources to address the situation. For detailed information about rabies go to, click on Wildlife then click on Wildlife Related Diseases.

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