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Community Best Practices

Waste Reduction:

  1. Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags.
  2. Buy items with less packaging.
  3. Compost your food waste.
  4. Reduce consumption.
  5. When downsizing and decluttering, donate or recycle before throwing away.

Save Energy and Money:

  1. Have an energy audit on your home.
  2. Turn down thermostats or replace thermostats with programmable systems.
  3. Consider installing a heat pump or solar panels.
  4. Look for the Energy Star label when purchasing new appliances.
  5. Use energy-efficient light bulbs (LED).
  6. Unplug electronics especially when you are on holiday.
  7. Energy savings best practices


  1. Consider carpooling.
  2. Walk or bike if you can.
  3. Should your next car be an electric vehicle? Try the Project Village Car Share Program from Eastern Charlotte Waterways:


  1. Buy local or grow your own food.
  2. Support the local farmers by purchasing produce from the Saint Andrews Farmers Market

Green Spaces:

  1. Plant native trees and shrubs on your property.
  2. Be Plant Wise – avoid planting non-native invasive plants. Choose native plants and wildflowers to enhance local biodiversity.
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