Upcoming Municipal Election Videos

Link to the Mayoral video produced by CHCO TV for Vote 21:

Link to the Councillor video produced by CHCO TV for Vote 21:

“One of the most basic freedoms and responsibilities of democracy is exercising your right to vote.  On May 10, we have two mayoral candidates as well as sixteen Councillors running for 6 positions.

We thank all candidates for putting up their name, and CHCO TV for providing this service to introduce the candidates.  Please take the time to review and perform your duty to vote”

Timelines in the Video for Mayoral Candidates:

Doug Naish – 14 min 06 sec to 23 min 23 sec

Brad Henderson – 1 min 17 sec to 14 min 01 sec

Timelines in the Video for Council Candidates:

Kate Akagi – 1 min 25 sec to 9 min 45 sec

Edie Bishop – Absent from video

Marc Blanchard – 9 min 58 sec to 18 min 23 sec

Michael B. Craig – 18 min 41 sec to 22 min 04 sec

Tyler Dougherty – 22 min 14 sec to 32 min 04 sec

Guy Groulx – 32 min 17 sec to 42 min 10 sec

Kurt Gumushel – 42 min 27 sec to 50 min 06 sec

Lee Heenan – 50 min 14 sec to 57 min 00 sec

James Morgan Hirtle – 57 min 15 sec to 1 hour 4 min 08 sec

Kevin W. Kiley – 1 hour 4 min 23 sec to 1 hour 13 min 38 sec

Troy Lyons – 1 hour 13 min 51 sec to 1 hour 21 min 55 sec

Ryan MacPhatter – 1 hour 22 min 12 sec to 1 hour 28 min 49 sec

Casey Murray – 1 hour 28 min 55 sec to 1 hour 38 min 03 sec

Steve Neil – 1 hour 38 min 18 sec to 1 hour 47 min 10 sec

Johnathan Stockall – 1 hour 47 min 27 sec to 1 hour 54 min 51 sec

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Public Engagement Province of New Brunswick on Health Care

Public consultation sessions on the future of health care in the province are planned in several communities across New Brunswick.

Health Minister Dorothy Shephard will conduct a virtual provincial tour to talk about the challenges facing the health-care system and receive input from medical professionals, community leaders and the public on Striving for Dependable Public Health Care: A discussion paper on the future of health care in New Brunswick.

Members of the public are encouraged to submit feedback by emailing

For more information, click the link:

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Municipal Election Information for Candidates

Are you interested in becoming a Town Councillor? Elections New Brunswick has released the Candidate information for the 2021 elections taking place May 10, 2021. Follow the links below for details on the process of becoming a Councillor. If you have questions on becoming a Councillor, the process, and administration, reach out to a local Councillor or Town Hall staff to help provide guidance.

Link to Municipal Election Candidates Information:

Link to the COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines for Candidates:

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Free Delivery Program

As we move back into Orange Phase, please reach out and use the great delivery services in Saint Andrews.

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