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The residents of the Town of Saint Andrews are appreciative of the skill and dedication of the employees within the public works department.

The crew is a small staff with a diverse set of skills and maintain the parks, streets, sidewalks and most buildings belonging to the municipality as well as their own vehicles and equipment.

From spring to fall, they diligently work throughout the town by removing debris, cleaning and improving our public spaces, landscaping as well as maintaining our streets and ditches for the betterment of residents and visitors.  They also work with organizers to ensure the logistics of large events are handled smoothly and provide minimal interruptions to the flow of traffic and people.

During the winter, they are in charge of plowing and snow removal of our roads and the public parking owned by the Town.  During snow storms, they have to work long hours in the worst of conditions.  They are always grateful for your patience and understanding as they battle the elements that are maritime winters!

In addition to the above, the crew works alongside our Water & Sewer technicians in the repair and maintenance of our water and sewer systems to ensure the continued delivery of water to all the households and businesses.

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Nathan McMillan

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