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Ministers Island Concert Series Final Event

This event has ended

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Jessica Rhaye and The Ramshackle Parade, continue to expand her reach as a lyricist and vocalist with songs 
that are alternately personal and observational. While Rhaye illuminates the darker corners of her world on some tracks, 
other songs make it clear she’s never lost sight of the possibility for redemption and hope. 
The result is beautiful and powerful music – music that telegraphs the joy and depth of connection Jessica Rhaye 
and The Ramshackle Parade have found in working together in equal measure.
Jessica has been writing and performing for more than 20 years and has planted herself firmly on stages at major festivals and venues in Canada, the US and the UK. In addition she has co-written songs with a host of well known songwriters including Ken Tobias, Ron Sexsmith, Steve Poltz, Brent Mason and her bandmates. Her recognition on Youtube has been phenomenal garnering more than 11 million views over the last few years.
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