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This event has ended

Please note the Meeting Location directions listed below!


Planning Review and Adjustment Committee

Meeting No. 18-11

November 14, 2018, 6:30 pm

Meeting Location:

Planning Office, 21 River St., Suite A, St. Stephen

Alternate overflow location (please confirm attendance prior to meeting)*

Visitor Information Center, 24 Reed St., St. Andrews


Satellite Meeting Location:

Village Office, 1021 RTE 776, Grand Manan

I.  Approval of Agenda

II. Approval of Minutes – Meeting 18-10, October 10, 2018

III. Declaration of Conflict of Interest

IV. Old Business (Subdivision Submission)

  • Item 18-10-02 – Eugene & Juliet Kinghorne

V.  Legal Non-Conforming Use Application

  • Item 18-11-05 – James McHone

VI.  Temporary Use Application

  • Item 18-11-02 – 642650 NB Inc.

VII. Terms and Conditions Application

  • Item 18-11-03 – Dwayne Cook

VIII. Subdivision Submissions

  • Item 18-11-01 – 667545 NB Inc. Subdivision 2016-2
  • Item 18-11-04 – Wendell Hooper Subdivision

IX.  Next Meeting – Time and Location

X.  Adjournment


*Prac meetings may be recorded.

*If you have any objections to a decision made by the PRAC, please contact the Planning Staff at (506) 466-7369 to discuss the appeal process.


*Meeting location is dependent on the number of attendees so you must confirm attendance with the Planning Office by calling 466-7369 and you will be notified of any venue changes


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