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Sunbury Shores Art & Nature Centre

This event has ended

Cumulus La Mutatio- An Ecology

Cumulus La Mutatio – En Ecology is an exhibition of ceramic sculpture by artist Emilie Grace Lavoie. Lavoie’s sculptures emanate from her growing awareness of environmental discord and the long term effect humans have on life on earth.

The large-scale sculptures present an imposing presence for the viewer and offer an intense and confrontational experience with the subject. Lavoie embarks on an in-depth exploration of our connectivity to the natural world, the fact that we share certain biological processes and genomes, for example. The accumulation of forms is used to create a metamorphoses of the object – algae gradually transform into fabric, a human body seems overtaken by coral, a molded cauliflower has the appearance of a brain, barnacles have the texture of cabbage and corals morph into human legs. By combining the exquisite with the catastrophic, she highlights the complex, ever-shifting relationship between living species.”

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