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The St. Andrews Arts Council Presents: Albertine in Five Times

This event has ended

New Moon Theatre, under the auspices of the St. Andrews Arts Council, will present three performances of Michel Tremblay’s powerful and timely play – Albertine in Five Times in Saint Andrews at the W.C. O’Neill Arena Theatre @ 7 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 25, 26 and 27 followed by a performance in Fredericton at Theatre New Brunswick’s Open Space Theatre on Saturday, November 3 @ 7 pm.  Two performances at the Eastport Arts Center, Maine on Thursday and Friday, November 8 and 9 @ 7 pm (EST)/8 pm (ATST) will take the production across the border and the Bay.

An intimate story of a life’s journey.
In this drama, we meet Albertine in old age, as she faces head on, with the help of her younger selves, her memories. Albertine, at ages 30, 40, 50, and 60 appear, each with a story to tell, representing a successive decade along the path that is her life. Loved by audiences around the world, Albertine is an unforgettable character, a strong woman who has the courage to face herself, even at the very end of her days.

Tickets are on sale for:
Saint Andrews performances $15 at Cockburn’s Corner Drug Store, 192 Water St.
Fredericton performance $15 at (Albertine in Five Times)
Eastport performances $12 usd at Eastport Arts Center, at the door, online at, for more information call 207-853-4650

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