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New curbside recycling program to replace current system of community bins

The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission will be launching a new residential recycling program this year, replacing the current system of community bins. The new service will see new mobile recycling containers delivered to resident’s homes in the region beginning in July, with the program for picking up the containers starting in September. The new program will see an expansion of recyclables accepted, including more kinds of plastic and tin cans.

The community bins will be decommissioned and picked up starting in June of this year. Although there will be no residential pick up of recyclables from that point forward until the new program starts, recycling will always be accepted at the Hemlock Knoll solid waste facility. Those with large amount of recycling such as schools and businesses that wish to continue to do so will need to make arrangement for deliver with the private contractors or by others means.

The following is a brief description of the program:

  • Participation in the Blue Carts in Voluntary
  • Recyclables placed in blue carts are collected at the curb
  • Only carts assigned and/or approved by the SNBSC will be used to participate in the
    residential curbside system
  • SNBSC will retain ownership of the blue carts
  • Blue carts will be assigned to each Primary Residents
  • Recycling pick-ups are on a pre-approved schedule of every 4th week with current waste
    haulers, with regular garbage picked up on the other 3 weeks (no garbage pick-up on
    recycling week)
  • Acceptable recycling material will be placed loose in the blue cart, no bags allowed
  • Collection Personnel will only collect acceptable recycling material
  • SNBSC will accept designated recyclable products at Hemlock Knoll at no charge from
    participating municipalities and LSD’s as well as ICI (industrial/commercial/imitational) sources from participating regions.

Please refer any questions to the Recycling Hotline at 1 833 BLUE CRT (258-3278) or (506) 466-7980

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