Saint Andrews Nuisance Deer Management Assistance Program

The Town of Saint Andrews is working cooperatively with the Department of Energy and Resource Development (ERD) to lower the deer numbers in a manner that is safe, effective and acceptable to most residents. The 2018 Nuisance Deer Management Assistance Program (NDMAP) will allow private landowners within the Town to receive permits to harvest ONE antlerless deer on their property. The permits are issued to hunters, chosen by the landowner, to harvest deer on their property.

The number of available permits will be determined by the Department of Energy and Resource Development (ERD) on a case-by-case basis, and NDMAPs will be valid for use by hunters only during the legal deer hunting season (October 1 –November 17, 2018). Application dates are September 4 to October 31, 2018.


STEP 1: Contact your local Town Office to express your interest in obtaining a NDMAP permit – Property Identification Numbers (PIDs) are required to apply and will be submitted to ERD for assessment.

Site Assessment – Private properties greater than 1 acre with potential for NDMAP permits may receive a site visit by ERD staff to assess for any potential safety concerns and the number of permits to be issued. Hunting will NOT be allowed within 100 meters of neighboring houses. However, two or more property owners, with a combined 100-meter buffer, may apply jointly for a permit. Discharge distances for archery may be reduced from the landowner’s dwelling, with the landowner’s permission.

STEP 3: Approval – Qualifying landowners will receive notification from ERD of the number of permits that will be issued for their property (PID) and any restrictions that may be applied.

STEP 4: Selection of Hunters –It will be the responsibility of the landowner to select hunters to hunt deer on their property under a NDMAP permit. Landowners will provide each hunter’s name, address, and 2018 deer hunting license number to the ERD Biologist Pam Seymour (444-2870) to apply for NDMAPs. Once approved, eligible hunters can pick up their permit at the St. George ERD office. Approved landowners and hunters seeking to be matched up can leave their name at Town Hall, 212 Water Street.


  1. Only hunters holding a current deer hunting license are eligible;
  2. Only one (1) NDMAP permit will be issued for each hunter per year:
  3. Only one antlerless deer may be harvested under each NDMAP permit;
  4. The NDMAP permit is in addition to the normal one-deer bag limit;
  5. Archery hunting may be preferred in most cases;
  6. Hunters must register the harvested deer at the St. George ERD office (755-4040).

Application ends on October 31, 2018. Processing times for applications could take up to 3 weeks but may vary depending on volume.

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