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Southwest Region Service Commission Launches Region-Wide Curbside Recycling Program

SNBSC has now replaced the community blue bins throughout the region with curbside recycling carts. It is clear that Saint Andrews residents have embraced the program, as the first pick-up day on Sept. 6th resulted in 4 tonnes of recyclables being diverted from the landfill from our Town alone.

A few key points to remember:

  • Pick-ups will take place every 4th week (replacing regular garbage pick-up for that one week out of four).
  • More types of plastics and tin cans will now be accepted.
  • Only carts assigned by the SNBSC will be picked up. Blue carts were assigned to primary residents.  Those with large amounts of recyclables such as schools and businesses will need to make arrangements with a private hauler.
  • Interested seasonal residents and multi-residential locations should make a request for a cart directly to the SNBSC.
  • Participation in the program is voluntary.

Call the Recycling Hotline with questions: 1-888-BLUE-CRT (1-888-258-3278)

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