Town of Saint Andrews Seeks Chief Administrative Officer

On the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay, everything about our Town is special, including our status as a National Historic District with 300 + Heritage buildings. Saint Andrews is a treasure trove of beautiful architecture, stunning scenery and rich marine life. Today we offer all the features of a thriving modern resort voted by USA Today as the Best Place in Canada to Visit in 2017. A visitor destination since the late 19th century, it is also a major centre of marine science research and education with the Saint Andrews Biological Station, the Huntsman Marine Science Centre and Aquarium and the New Brunswick Community College.

We are looking for an experienced Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to serve as the head of the administrative branch of the government of the Town. This position is accountable to Council for the proper administration of the affairs and the day to day operations of the Town in accordance with all applicable legislation, by-laws, budget and policies and resolutions adopted by Council.

If you know how to keep things in order and add a strategic vision to everyday activities, we want to meet you. If you’re highly efficient and a natural leader with experience working with all levels of government, then you’re our ideal candidate.

The goal is to ensure the smooth running of Council business according to established policies and the vision of the Town of Saint Andrews as outlined in the Municipal Plan By-law.

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