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The Town of Saint Andrews, also referred to as St. Andrews By-the-Sea and by the Peskotomhuhkati Nation at Skutik as Qua-nos-cumcook. Founded by United Empire Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution in 1783, the community flourished and was incorporated in 1903. From 1784 to 1967, Saint Andrews was the shiretown of Charlotte County being the centre of justice, local government and professional services for the region including the Fundy Isles. Saint Andrews was the first and oldest seaside resort and home to the largest collection of authenticated heritage buildings in the country dating back to the 18th century. Today we boast marine science, education, tourism, recreation, arts, culture, and heritage as economic drivers for our historic community. 

National Historic District

Many of the Town of Saint Andrews’ buildings still reflect that history as you can see during a casual stroll along Water Street. In fact, historic Water Street was awarded the “Great Place in Canada” destination by the Canadian Institute of Planners in 2016, and in 2017 USA Today named Saint Andrews the best place to visit in Canada. Water Street has been the heart and soul of commercial and community life over the past 200 years, the focal point for residents and visitors alike. 

Saint Andrews is a town in Charlotte County, New Brunswick Canada, that is known as a National Historic Site of Canada. The Town is on the southern tip of a peninsula, extending into the Passamaquoddy Bay. In 2023, the Town of Saint Andrews, through Local Governance Reform, expanded its boundaries to include the areas of Bayside and Chamcook. The Town of Saint Andrews has a population of approximately 3000. 

Our Mission and Vision

Saint Andrews is, and will continue to be, a dynamic community for residents of all ages and backgrounds; a centre of education and science a leading year-round destination; and a vibrant home for arts and culture. This vision will be achieved by protecting and promoting our natural environment, our architectural heritage, and our recreational, cultural, and economic assets. 


Canadian Registry of Historic Places: A searchable database on thousands of historic places having national, provincial, territorial and local significance – including 118 in St. Andrews.

New Brunswick Register of Historic Places: A searchable database on over 1600 historic places in this province.

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