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Water & Wastewater Systems

Potable Water

The source of the Town’s drinking water is Chamcook Lake and is closely monitored  through the Environment Watershed Protection Program.  The water is then treated at our treatment plant through a multi-barrier process, which means that the water is treated in several ways before being distributed. The water in the plant is monitored continuously to meet rigorous safety standards. From there the water is pumped to the reservoirs in Town and through a network of  km of piping before being delivered through a tap.

Sewer System

The sewage in town is collected by our system and flows by gravity or is pumped to the sewer lagoon at Indian Point. Sewage is treated within our wastewater treatment plant then pumped into the lagoon’s primary pond where solids settle to the bottom while air is pumped into the pond (aeration).  The water then flows to the finish pond before being discharged into the Bay. The discharged water is tested twice weekly by our staff and monthly by an accredited lab who also reports to the provincial Department of the Environment.

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